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Plasma or LCD?
We can help you decide.

There are two choices when it comes to Flat Panel Displays, Plasma and LCD. Each has its own benefits.

For several years, if you wanted a large picture, you had to choose Plasma because of limitations in LCD size, but this is less true today, as LCD are now available all the way up to 42". 42" is the largest LCD CSA recommends.

Generally speaking, Plasma seems to have slightly richer picture quality, and the picture looks great from any sitting position in the room. So, if your viewing room has some off-axis viewing positions, you might consider Plasma for this reason.

Also, some reviewers point out that LCD seems to offer longer life, but this would only really be relevant if the display was on constantly for long periods of time. In general consumer use at home, there will probably be technological advances that would prompt you to upgrade before the display wore out for either LCD or Plasma.

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